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Huizhong Exhibits in the 16th HVAC&R
Date£º 2015-12-03   Source£ºThe station   Reading times£º919 [close]

The annual HVAC&R was held in Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center during 2nd to 4th Nov, 2015. As a long-term cooperated supplier, Anhui Huizhong Capacitor Co.,Ltd took part in the wonderful exhibition in booth B286.

    The ceremony was ended at 9:00 on the first day, and we were glad to welcome many customers from all around country and districts. We have learned plenty of information about the changing market in capacitor industry and also the new demands in this field.

  Since most of our customers are very professional in this industry, we had the chance to learn more resourceful news from them. Firstly they praised Huizhong company for producing the best quality capacitors with the littlest returns in his market. But also he mentioned, like many other products in China, capacitors could not avoid being counterfeited. Most of these cheap capacitors swarmed in to the market, meanwhile, sabotaged the primary ordered market.  Those cheap products were made in individual workshops with less than 20 workers in, without professional production line, inspecting machines or R&D technical, let alone the assurance with the quality. Even the appearance of the capacitors are similar to that of Huizhong brand , but there are totally different inside.

  Jerry-made capacitors seems like competitive in price, but in the end, who will pay for the damage of those cheap quality? The answer is always customers. When customers use those fake capacitors, they can encounter situations like short-life usage, can not run in rated voltage, even some capacitors can barely meet the standard in explosive-proof grade, which will cause the exploding incidents in motors, machines damaged and even sincere life-threatening in customers and families.

  Many of our customers stated they could pay no bear to that kinds of products because they clearly know that cheap price can not help them win the market, but on the contrary, perturb the customers' recognition on reasonable price of good quality capacitors, and make them confused about the true quality of capacitors. With their many years experience, they learned that: business can only run far with good and guaranteed quality.

  With more than 15 years capacitor manufacturing experience, Huizhong corporation take ¡° Quality first¡± as the principle in company. Every production line we invest, every capacitor we finish and inspect, and every order we make is all for our customers, so they could pay less money to buy much safer and reliable goods.

All Huizhong staff believe: Quality is the footstone of enterprise's survival, and Reform & Innovation is the necessities of its development.

And, yes, we are still fighting for them!

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